Ommunication Etiquette in the workplace

I will be doing a PERSUASIVE SPEECH about my topic with a PowerPoint presentation in class this week. I need a 3.5 page outline (intro, body, Conclusion.) for my presentation not including APA style in that 3 1/2. Format must be 1-inch margin, Times New Roman, 12 Font, running head,and APA style. I am not sure if you will also provide me a PowerPoint presentation that I could present to in class with my outline since its my first time doing this or if its just going to be the papers unless theres an extra charge. Unfortunately, I will be going to Turkey this week thats why I dont have time to do all this work. So about my presentation, I chose this topic because I work in Somerset Medical Center as a staffing coordinator. My work involves a lot of communication with the staffs ( nurses, patient care techs, Doctors, secretaries, etc.) For some reason, I had deal with a lot of rude people just the way they talk over the phone such as when picking up the phone, first thing the person would said is YES?instead of How can I help you my name is..I am also sensitive when it comes to people/staffs who cant say these 3 important words I love to hear Thank you”, Youre Welcome”, Please”. Some staffs find it hard to say Im sorryand admit their mistake. Just thought I would share you about my background at work so you have an idea. Im sure theres more than that I can relate to so please try your best. I just cant think any more ideas since I have 5 classes and working full-time. Professor gives a lot of work. Thank you! Please contact me on my cell 732-491-5768 if theres any question. Thanks again. -Adrien Barmaksiz