Ommunication for personal and professional development

Introduction250,(mention the importance of legislation to the nursing proffesion and why you will be disscusing different aspects of legalisation in this work, such as the NMC Code of conduct, the NHS Constitution, Francis report and the 6 Cs
Main body about 2500 words( identfy new learning, for example because the issues both in the news and new legalisation, how this is changing the way nursing is percieved by the public and how the enquery into the hospital ( care homes)is changing, how nurses work and it is forcing nurses to look at their own values and beliefs.
How this learning made difference to you?
Examplethe learnoing that has taken place shows that there is much more to communication than just talk with patient and family memebers, the 6 Cs are fundamental to all care.Learning has clear shown that communication is crucial for patients in all aspects of their care and wellbeing.
How will this learning influence you clinical practice?
Examplepractice will be based on more than just caring, having read and understood the legalisationthat is available,it has become clear that many differents aspects of learning combine to give patients excellent, appropriate care.
describe how you will continue to develop this learning after this module?
Examplelearning is a lifelong process, especially in nursing as there are always changes and new research available. The aim is to learn not only from theory but from practice and to aply what has been learnt in the classroom to the clinical environment
How does this personal/proffesional development relate to the NMC CODE?
How does this topic relate to the NHS Constitutionand the 6 Cs
Conclusion-about 250