Ommunication In Business 100 :Employment of Hewlett Packard and social performance

please note that this is communication in busisness 100 subject.

All you need to do is you must write an issue about Employment of Hewlett Packarda.k.a HPcompany. And also,you must explore this companys positive AND negative social performance.all information regarding to this you can find out on internet/or google it.

BUT PLEASE make sure that you DO NOT discuss a particular product/s that Hewlett Packard company makes. Also, you should not focus on a financial review of the company.Only focus on Employment and positive and negative social performance by this have to find at least 3 positive and 3 negative social performance.

and for the conclusion,Your should sum up your entire argument.You should be restating the main points and show your understanding by making judgments about the companys social performance and also personal opinion about this company wheater it is good or bad.

1500-1700 words.