Ommunication Infrastructure and how it was affeted by Huricane Katrina

The assignment is to produce a term paper on a critical infrastructure sector. The first part of the paper should show an understanding of the sector, including the structure, function, policy environment, the regulatory structure, and potential threats against the sector, as well as vulnerabilities. Changes to sector regulation in the post-9/11 era should be described. This part of the paper is worth 10/20 points.
This is a group paper. We haven chosen the communication sector of infrastructure. The only part of the above I am responsible for are policy environment and the regulatory structure.

The second part of the paper is to research a historical incident that affected the sector. This research should describe the incident and its impact on the sector, and it should also identify any Lessons learnedfrom the incident that have implications for infrastructure protection and resiliency. Finally, you should make recommendations about how you would propose to increase security and/or protection of this sector, such as deriving new or changing specific strategies for security. The second part of the paper is also worth 10/20 points.

For the second part the group chose Huricane Katrina and I am responsible for Increase security and/or protection”. The entire paper will be 15 pages, My part is to complete a minimum of 5 pages containing the above discussed sections. I do not need a title page, this paper will be integrated with two other group members papers.