Ommunication: Partner Interview and Levels of Self Disclosure


1. Read Self Disclosure in the Comm 2 Course Workbook pp. 16-19.

2. Select a partner and complete the interview exercise on pp. 19-20.

3. For the writing assignment, apply the interview you had with your partner to the levels of self-disclosure. Recall and describe the quality of communication you had with your interview partner. How did you feel before, during, and after the interview? At which levels of self disclosure would you put the communication you had with your partner? Do these levels of self disclosure reveal the quality of relationship you have with this person? Share your thoughts, feelings, insights, and analysis.

In your writing, relate your experience to at least three of the five levels of self-disclosure. Underline or bold the levels for clarity. For example:

When the interview began, my partner and I communicated at Level #5 Cliche Communication, where we joked about the interview because we both felt a little nervous. However, when I started answering the first question by letting my partner know how I would like to be valued and appreciated, the conversation quickly shifted to Level #2 Personal Feelings….

This paper involves your sharing of some personal information. For the purpose of gaining maximum value from this assignment, please write as openly and honestly as you can. After you do so, if there are portions of your writing that you would rather keep private, feel free to edit those out of the final version that you submit to me. My interest in this assignment is not so much what was said by you or your partner during the interview, but rather in your ability to clearly relate the quality of the interview to levels of self disclosure presented in the workbook. You dont have to tell me specifically whom you interviewed unless you want to. Referring the person as your interview partner will be fine. This is a writing assignment only and you will not present it in class.


A. Completion of specifics as listed above. 600 words minimum. Exceed word minimum substantively for highest possible grade (most A and B papers are between 800 to 1000 words of strong, analytical content).

B. Relate your experience to at least three of the five levels of self-disclosure.

C. Grammar and spell checked. Space between paragraphs for clarity

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