Ommunication Plan: GreenGy S.A., health & energy company

NB from the Admins: the customer requested for a draft this weekend. The customer will be uploading a bit more files later. Please make sure to for through the plan that has to be step by the writer as well. The files to be uploaded are about the communication and the ways of composing and advertising. So p you will need those later while working on the project.

This work is our final exam, which consists of creating a company selling one or several products and to compose a whole communication strategy and plan: ranging from making the advertising to computing the whole budget needed, the mission statement , vision & objectives… The company that my group created is named GreenGy , a health and energy company, with the following slogan WORK HARD, LIVE LIFE ! “, using only green materials and selling thus green products that provide healthy energy to the human body. Moreover, we decided to chose the following products:
a Viagra pill for women but made with natural elements only
Coffee pills for business people who dont have the time to take their cup of coffee or simply dont like the taste of it , moreover those pills have to be promoted emphasizing on the fact that they do not have any side effects
A 2 in 1 cream for men made with green and natural materials that works both as a foundation and refreshing cream, as men are more and more taking care of their looks and appearance

WE have to come up with names for the above products as well , while making the whole communication and promotion plan. You will find attached the communication plan that NEEDS to be followed and which is MANDATORY. You will also find some documents given by the professor about marketing and communication techniques that have to be used in our presentation. Finally, the presentation should be around 45 slides , including charts, graphs , budget , boards and illustrations. Moreover, I will need a first draft by saturday in order to start working with my group, the writer will receive a bonus for that. Thank you