Ommunication Skills in a Cross-Culturally diverse Workplace

Prepare a written paper, in the APA format about 8-15 pages (groups must have
the maximum number of pages), on a topic similar to i??Communication Skills in a
Cross-Culturally Diverse Workplace.i?? The key is to recognize an important
organizational diversity challenge facing a modern firm or institution i?? then
create a relevant title about it for your term paper. The paper must have at least
ten references (including course textbook) and specific topics that you can select
may include such issues as:
? Communication and Diversity Management: Developing Effective Listening
? Leading a Team of Adults with Disability: The Art of Effective
Communication with the Hearing Impaired
? Managing Communication and Mentoring: The Art of Productivity
Management in the Retail Industry
? Gender Issues and Communication in Healthcare: Mentoring and Succession
? How Can Male and Female Employees Communicate Effectively as a Team?
? How to Help Non-English Speakers Speak English in the Workplace?
? Mentoring Protocols for Effectively Dealing with Diverse Employees
? Mentoring Minorities and Females to Reach for the Stars!
? Othersi??.create your own!
b. Prepare your final paper and recommendations in the following format or subheadings:

? Introduction and importance of topic. Introduce the topic and explain why this
is a challenge for organizations which can obstruct the full participation of
diverse employees.
? Diversity Literature. Provide relevant literature from many sources. Cite all
sources properly. Try to cite at least ten different credible sources about your
topic (books, journal articles, and credible websites are good sources).
? Recommendations for effective communication. Provide best practices for
effectively using communication skills (and/or mentoring skills if relevant) in
such a diverse workplace.
? Summary. Offer a summary of the paper.
c. The paper must be written specifically for this course. Your citations and sources
may include journal articles, web sources of a i??document-able naturei??, books, and
HRM 4300 Managing Workforce Diversity
Syllabus i?? Online
primary sources including interviews or questionnaires. Paper must be written
according to APA style and be carefully referenced. Appearance, punctuation,
grammar, neatness, and spelling do count in the grading process. Note that this is
a RESEARCH PAPER-avoid all first person pronouns. Paper should have an
introductory paragraph, body, summary, and reference sections. Be sure to use the
required title page provided by the university. If relevant, you are welcome to use
your previous writings in this course (assignments or exercises already completed
in previous weeks) into this assignment.