Ommunication Skills Needed in My Career Field


Research the specific communication skills needed in your career field (Chemical Engineering). Identify specific communications skills; avoid the general statement a?needs good communication skills.a? Use at least three sources. Sources may include books, journal articles, website articles, informational interviews, and job/internship postings. Sources can be found using the UT Library resources,, and websites for professional associations.

Read and synthesis (integrate) the information. Summarize what you have learned from your research in a typed report. Write, re-write and re-write. Include in-text citations and list full citations in the Reference section at the end of the report. Save paper; you donat need a separate title page, nor a separate reference page. Report must be typed and double-spaced. Typical length is two to three pages.

Avoid using definitions as much as possible as teacher warned us about that.
Dont try too hard to make it 3 pages, its all about content she cares about and I dont mind adding more later.
If you need more information dont hesistate to contact me