Ommunication Speech PaperPersuasive Topic on Adderal

2 Web Sources
2 Video/Documentary Sources
1 Book source
1 Journal Source
1 Magazine Source
1 T.V. Source
1 Newspaper Source
1 Source of YOUR CHOICE

This is a PERSUASIVE paper for my Communication speech class that I have to present in front of the class and my topic is a?Adderalla? persuasive on that a?I am against children and people taking Adderall and against doctors giving out Adderall without correctly checking it in USA, state of California. The reason I know people who have gotten addicted to it and or have committed suicide due to getting depression off of taking Adderall as a child/long period of time.
I. Attention gaining device. (Pathosemotional impact)
II. Reveal Topic. (Example: As a problem looking to solve? OR A solution which we will discuss! Example: This afternoon I am going to discuss the solution for Adderall.)
III. Significant statement (Must use 1 SOURCE!) (Ex of source use a quote to give statistic, impact of Adderall.)
IV. Preview. (Problem, cause, solution)

Body #1
I. Problem
A. Define ProblemExplain to the audience the problem with the status. 1) Identify whatas wrong with our current situation. 2) Be sure to make your own claim and use RESEARCH to support that claim! This helps to establish ETHOS!
B. Scope of the problem(How much/how many?) Identify the scope of the issue at head.1) Tell us the a?How much is this harming usa? OR a?How many people are impacted?a?
C. Harms/Negative effectsIdentify and Describe the harms in your own words. 1) How are we impacted? Cite stories of these affricated! Examples: physiological, psychological, economical, environmental, societal)

Internal Summary (Transition to Main point 2)
Body #2
I. Causes
1. This of both Active and Passive causes. (Activesomething that directly causes the issue. Passivesomething that allows the issue to continue.)
2. You must at least have TWO causes.
3. Organize them from them from either major to minor OR minor to major.
4. With each of your causes are, in essence, casting blame, pointing out OR accusing someone OR something for the aftermentioned harms. Therefore, you need to support you accusations (causes) with research, again, helping you to establish ethos with the audience
A. Secondary
B. Seconday
C. Primary
Body #3
I. Solutions
1. You can use examples (other states, countries) are doing about Adderall.
2. You need legitimate solutions!
3. You Must Discuss WHAT needs to be done and HOW to do it.
4. You can NOT simply propose we a?finding fundinga? or a?cause awarenessa? or a?change the lawa?. A persuasive argument is only as effective as the solutions proposed. Therefore, you need to explain when funding can come from, introduce us to a PSA or organization that is raising awareness and tell us what law, bill, proposition, etc. we can support.
5. REMEMBER: Only use solutions that apply to your topic. You are required to have enforceable change AND a personal change.
A. GLOBALlook for either solutions that we can make on a nation level and/or look at what other nations are doing as an example.
B. STATEOffer solutions that can be implemental on a state level and/ or look at what other states are doing to solutions.
C. COMMUNITYBring to attention organization groups that are best suited to make a change.
D. PERSONAL CHANGEbring a a?take a waya? make them available for the audience. (talk about what personal change the audience can do)
I. Summary of the main point
II. Lasting thoughts
III. Tieback to attention gaining device

Remember Paper Must BE done in that format with supporting 8-10 different sources of t.v/journal/web/magazine/newspaper/video or documentary/ the last 2-3 sources can repeat the other ones.
Final Paper/Draft MUST be Submitted in this Format/OUTLINE with the tabs and titles:
I. Attention gaining device
II. Reveal topic
III. Significant statement (source)
IV. Preview
I. Problem
A. Define problem
B. Scope of the problem (how much/ how many?)
C. Harms/Negative
-physiological, psychological, economical, environmental, societal
Internal Summary
Transition to main point two
Body 2
I. Causes
A. Secondary
B. Secondary
C. Primary

Internal Summary
Transition to main point three
Body 3
I. Solutions
A. International (example current/future solutions)
B. National (example current/future solutions)
C. Communal (example current/future solutions)
D. Personal (example current/future solutions)
I. Summary of main points
II. Lasting thoughts
III. Tieback to attention gaining device