Ommunication, stereotypes in movie Crash (2004)

Canary, D. J., Cody, M. J., & Manusov, V. L. (2008). Interpersonal communication: A goals-based approach (4thed.). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martinas.
This is the APA reference

Other tools that are used: The Johari Window,impression management, self-presentation styles such as self-promoting and exemplification, stereotypes and communication.

* Apply the communication theories, models, and concepts discussed throughout the course to your selected movie. Address the following:
o Self-awareness of the filmas characters
o Communication goals and styles of the filmas characters
o Prevalent stereotypes in the film
o The filmas conflict and how the characters approached conflict
* Describe your chosen characteras self-presentation style, giving specific examples from the movie that demonstrate that style.
* Finally, describe how your group interactions have influenced your thoughts. Did group members introduce new ideas? Did you change your existing views based on their input?