Ommunication Technologies / Social Media

Web Project Criteria
Each student has the opportunity to complete a Web Site Review. This assignment is worth 100 grade points.

Communication Technologies / Social Media

Internet graphic with letters com, or Google as final source sites)

Write a brief critical evaluation report on each of the four sites you have visited. (Please include hyperlink connections to the four sites.)

It must have a title page listing the topic, your name and the name of the instructor, the course title and section number, and the date.

Your paper must be in Word format ( doc. or docx.) or a Rich Text Format (.rtf) format (if using a different word processing program). The total report should be type-written, double-spaced, and 600 800 words in length. Papers are expected to demonstrate quality collegiate writing.
Submit your paper in the Web Project Drop Box. Click here to review Web Project Grading Rubric.