Ommunication theory application assignment

The paper should pick ONE of the movies listed below and apply THREE different communication theories listed below. More directions will be uploaded to the order form.
Pick one Movie from the list to write about:

Almost Famous
Good Will Hunting
The Breakfast Club
My Cousin Vinny
Thank you For Smoking
A Few Good Men
Dances With Wolves

Pick three communication theories to relate movie to:

Symbolic interactionism
Coordinated management of meaning
Expectancy violation theory
Social penetration theory
Uncertainty Reduction theory
Social information processing theory
Relational dialectics
Interactional view
Social judgment theory
Elaboration Likelihood model
Cognitive dissonance
Functional perspective
Adaptive structuration theory
Symbolic convergence theory
Cultural approach
Critical theory
Narrative paradigm
Cultural studies
Cultivation theory
Speech codes theory
Standpoint theory
Muted group theory