Ommunication, Writing and Professional Practice-The report of Workplace Communication in a large Supermarket

Topic: The report of Workplace Communication in a large Supermarket

Use the previous related essay to elaborate further and follow the structure of the content example. You dont have to completely follow the content, just make it similar and be a reference. The topic is Workplace Communication in a large Supermarket”. This is a report and a Field research project, so there is something to pay attention about.

Reports vary considerably in content and design. There is no absolutely a?correcta format and your work may be distinctly shaped by the nature of your study. There are, however, some general features common to reports and it is expected that yours will, in appropriate ways, contain:

a? an explanation for the rationale and methodology of your study which makes reference to related work in the field
a? details of the organisational and social context of your project
a? a clear explanation of the research methodology employed
a? details of any problems encountered and how they were dealt with (e.g. effect(s) on participants due to researcheras presence)
a? a clear explanation, analysis and discussion of research findings, including sufficient examples to illustrate the points you are making (the headings in this part of the report will be determined by your findings)
a? summary of findings/conclusions
a? recommendations (if appropriate)
a? indications for further research
a? clear, appropriate, well organised writing
a? appropriate and relevant technical terminology
a? supporting graphs, photos, diagrams, illustrations (if appropriate)
a? abstract, appendices, glossary (if necessary)

**Remember to use the previous related essay to elaborate more and all the information has to relate to the related essay and do more research. **