Ommunication, Writing and Professional Practice

Your task for this paper is to read the following readings and comes out 8 key points and ideas and the topic is the focus of this course which is on writing, in the context of notions of globalisation on the one hand, and community on the other. The paper should be organised into Eight separate sections”.

Write a paper which highlights eight key ideas related to this topic in some way or other, and shows how each of these ideas can be applied to your current role as a student of writing and/or your future role in the workforce and/or your future role as a member of contemporary society.

The paper should be organised into Eight separate sections”, organised thus:

**Eight key ideas in the form of a single statement for each idea (see below)

Then, for each idea, a short paragraph of explanation/summary (no more than 2 or 3 sentences)

Followed by two or three paragraphs showing the applicability of that idea to writing in the above contexts, that is, your role as student, future professional, and member of society.**

Paper length: 2000 words

The lecturer will be looking at how well you can synthesise a range of diverse material from a variety of sources, and then provide a succinct, cogent statement of your idea in a single statement.

Ommunication, Writing and Professional Practice

Your task is to browse through all these 15 readings, and develop a short list of 4 articles which will form the basis of the first half of your paper.

Part 1
Highlight any ideas and resources that you find in these four readings which you think will assist you in your major fieldwork project(topic Workplace communication in a large supermarket”) for this course and in maximising your future potential in the workplace.

Part 2

Then, using the journals these readings were taken from, or other relevant academic journals , find ANOTHER 4 articles published in the last three years which also discuss similar themes to the topics you have covered in Part 1.

Skills lecturer is looking for in this paper are:

Analysis, summary, discussion and critique of relevant academic literature
Ability to apply concepts and ideas to new situations
Ability to search for and discuss additional academic resources from those supplied.