Ommunications and integration management

Due Date: 21 Oct 2005

Length: 4000 words minimum, exclusive of the executive summary, tables, figures, appendices, etc.

Communications and integration management

1. Software requirement to complete assignment
To carry out this assignment, it might be necessary to use graphics software to develop a visual model of the integration management adopted on this project.
In the context of your selected project, prepare an assignment in the format of a professional report that contains the sections listed below. Minimum suggested word counts are provided for those sections that count to the overall word count. Provide the following:

2. Assignment requirements
Refer to the Assignment guidelines for assistance in completing this assignment. Remember to integrate academic theory into your assignment to support your arguments and proposals.
In the context of your selected project, prepare an assignment in the format of a professional report that contains the sections listed below. Minimum suggested word counts are provided for those sections that count to the overall word count. Provide the following:
Executive Summary (250 500 words, but this does not form part of the assignment word count)
” Note  this comes before the table of contents)
” Read the guidelines and provide a formal Executive Summary with details of why the report was prepared, how it is structured, what the important findings and conclusions are, and what the major recommendations are. (NOTE: this should be written last after you have finished the report).
Table of contents
” This should be a full comprehensive listing with respective page numbers of executive summary, introduction, main sections, references, individual appendices, and full listing of all figures and tables.

1. Introduction and background (250 words)
o Briefly state why the report has been prepared, what project is being analysed, and how the report is structured. Provide a brief background of the project.
(Note  this will be similar to the introduction in assignment 1 if you have used the same project, but this is a new report, and you need to provide the information your reader needs to understand the report.)
2. Stakeholder communications management (500 words)
o Discuss the stakeholders respective communications needs, how communications was achieved between the stakeholders, and whether this was effective or not.
3. Project Management Information System (PMIS) (500 words)
o Discuss the role of a PMIS in defining and communicating the project plan to the major stakeholders.
o Discuss the Project Management Information System (PMIS) that was created and used for communications management within the project. Represent this diagrammatically.
4. Project life cycle (500 words)
o Discuss and illustrate the life cycle of your project from the initial idea or need to project termination/disposal. This may include the operational and disposal phases of a capital expenditure project (building, piece of equipment, etc.) if you wish, but it does not have to.
o Discuss what the  critical success factors might be for your project.
5. Project integration management (750 words)
o Discuss the importance of, and need for, integration management of the project, and what this would involve.
o Illustrate the process of integration management if possible.
o Discuss the structure of a  project plan that would be prepared for your project, and the likely contents of that plan.
6. Project monitoring and change control (500 words)
o Discuss the likely need for change control for the project during the later stages
o Discuss the processes of monitoring and change control carried out.
7. Project closure (500 words)
o Discuss how the project was  closed out at the end of the implementation phase, and whether this was effective.
o Discuss the likely need for periodic reviews of the selected project, and what circumstances might lead to a re-appraisal of the project feasibility and possible abandonment.
o Discuss how a post-completion review might be carried out and how this might be of value to the sponsoring stakeholder.
8. Conclusion (250 words)
o Discuss the findings of the analysis carried out above in relation to your project in terms of significant  lessons learned . What findings are important and likely to be a threat to the project success?
9. Recommendations (250 words)
o Provide recommendations in response to the specific conclusions and lessons learned.

List of references
” Provide a complete list of references providing full details of all citations used in the body of the assignment. For a postgraduate assignment, there should be a minimum of 15 references, many of which will be cited more than once.
” A bibliography is a list of the references that are NOT cited in the assignment. This is not required, although one may be provided if you wish to create a record of documents that were examined during the research.

” If you have any appendices, they should be attached to the report after the list of references.
” They should be numbered sequentially, e.g. Appendix 1, Appendix 2 etc.

3. Marking criteria
Chosen project:
Overall presentation of report
Language skills, grammar, spelling Usage of figures in assignment
Usage of tables in assignment
Usage of Appendices at end of assignment
Depth of research evident in assignment
Use of theory for analysis of project
Correct usage of citations using Harvard style
Correct usage of references using Harvard style
Executive summary
Table of contents
1. Introduction and background
2. Stakeholder communications management
Stakeholder communications
3. Project Management Information System
Role of the PMIS
PMIS used in the project
4. Project life cycle
Life cycle of the project
Critical success factors of the project
5. Project integration management
Need for integration management
Integration management diagram
The project plan
6. Project monitoring and change control
Need for change control
Monitoring and change control system
7. Project closure
How project was  closed out
Periodic reviews of project
Post-completion review
8. Conclusions
9. Recommendations
List of references

Assignment guidelines
” The word count is indicative. Past experience indicates that it is difficult to discuss the issues in less than the nominated word count.
” A high standard of presentation is expected at Master s level (and this also applies to students enrolled in Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma programs). There is no excuse for poor spelling, bad grammar, nor lack of formatting. The Course leader or marker is not your proof-reader. This will be reflected in your marks. Use one and a half line spacing with 12-point font, and pages must be numbered.
” Do not use  I, we, you, our etc. Reports and assignments should not be written in the  first person .
” Apart from the Executive Summary, the assignment must be line and a half spacing in 12 point font.

Executive summary
” An Executive summary MUST be provided (before the Contents page). It provides a reader with a summary of why the report (assignment) was prepared, what it covers, and a summation of the conclusions, and/or recommendations.
” It should be about one page in length (250 to 400 words), and is excluded from formal word counts. It is not an introduction, but should function as a totally freestanding document for readers who will read no more of the report. It should contain all pertinent information including conclusions and recommendations in a co