Ommunications course: Orality and Literature

There are 5 paper topics that I can choose from, you are welcomed to do whichever you feel you can articualte best. The name of the course is Orality and Literature, and it is a communications course. Thank you a million! P.S> just let me know which topic you chose.

1. Analyse a print/new and contrst on the ways in which spaper or magzine report of an event, domestic or international, and compare and contrast this with a presentation of the event over TVs nightly network news.

2. TV and the Internet can be compared and constrasted as mediums of comprehension and expression. The latter, as we have come to realize, has great interactive possibilities and integrates print and secondary orality in ways unattainable by conventiaonal television. Take a partiucal topic of inquiry, do some surgin on the Web, and compare and contrast on the ways in which your inquiry expands in the Internet experience.

3. ANalyze an ad presented via print and photography and contrast witht he ads Presentationalappeal on TV or do this witha political social or charity appeal.

4. ANalyze some photographys that have social political significance i.e. in photjournalism. But following Postman, show how the photographs devoid of social-historical (literate) context, remain constricted to the visual as contrasted with the ideational realm.

5. Postman cntends that TVs affiliation with entertainment an damusement stifles the comprehension and expostion of social and political ideas and policies with negative consequences for democracy. Critique a TV Talk showon the baiss of Postmans book or een challenge Postman per se.