Ommunications in Business Social Performance of BMW AG

Assessment 1 a Critical Essay
Word Limit: 1500 a 1800 words
Marking Scheme: Critical Essay Grade Related Descriptor (see Appendix A)

Your task is to review the social performance of one of the eight (8) companies listed below of your choice
1. ThyssenKrupp
2. Levi Strauss
3. De Beer
4. Veolia Environment
5. BMW AG --was given this company.
6. Body Shop
7. Pepsi Co.
8. Alcoa

In your own words:

a? Examine and critique an aspect of the companyas performance with regards to fulfilling social needs within society. Highlight both areas of achievement and those requiring improvement. Do not focus only on the positive or negative.
a? Examine and discuss the impact and implications of the companyas actions on society and stakeholders.
a? Provide your on-balance conclusions about the companyas performance in society.


note from lecturer.


Hello All

Please note below further information about the essay. There is not a cover sheet to be included with your assessment but there are some guidelines you are requested to follow:

1. Your assignment is to be submitted electronically to Turnitin. Note that Blackboard often responds best with the use of Mozilla Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. You may wish to use this browser when uploading your essay to Blackboard.

2. Your assignment MUST include a title page which should clearly indicate:

a. Your name

b. Student number

c. Student email address

d. Tutoras name

e. Tutorial day and time or Study Mode

f. Name of the company

g. Semester and campus details (eg. Semester 2, 2010 .)

i. Include a Title that clearly describes your essay.

3. A minimum number of references has not been set for this assignment. Rather, you are encouraged to read widely and broadly and use references to support your arguments as much as possible. You may refer to sources such as Wikipedia and Google as a starting point to understand some of the aspects or big issues for the company. Do not though include Wikipedia, Google Books or similar sources in your reference list or in-text citations. You will need to refer to non scholarly sources such as newspapers and company records to gauge an understanding of the contemporary issues. These are acceptable for inclusion in your reference list. Ensure you discuss the source within the context of their bias. Journal articles should also be used to further substantiate your arguments.

Ensure that you refer to the Chicago Referencing guide (Version 16) for assistance in the application of the conventions. For those that are new to referencing, visit the Libguide on Blackboard for referencing information. This weekas tutorial and iTutorials will explore referencing.

4. Clearly layout your work and include a left and right hand margin of 3cm as well as use 1.5 spacing.

5. Ensure that you do not exceed the 1500 1800 word limit as a penalty will apply. The word limit does not include the reference list.

6. To do well in this assignment, you will need to answer all of the questions:

a. Review a companyas social performance

b. Identify an a?aspecta? of social performance

c. Identify both negative and positive elements of performance (1-2 major negatives essential)

d. Develop an on-balance conclusion

e. Analyse the performance of the company with regards to fulfilling needs within society.

f. Identify the stakeholders affected by the companyas performance

g. Examine how the company has impacted upon its society and stakeholders

Ensure to refer to the theories and ideas presented in the lectures. Remember this is an academic audience and theories should be presented in your paper. Refer to the study guide slide from each lecture series.

7. Further, you must not only describe the situation but critically analyse your findings (e.g. what do these findings mean and to who?). Finally, ensure that your essay is well structured, grammatically correct and free of any spelling errors.

8. The aspect is a a?big issuea? which you will address in the Essay. It is not about financial performance or marketing of a product. You will need to use examples from the company to identify how the company is addressing this aspect or big issue in our society. In the lecture for week 2 we looked at some examples of aspects. These included, the environment, equity and engagement with the community. There are though many more you could examine in your essay. Do not confuse the examples from your company with the a?big issuea? you should be addressing in your essay.

9. Refer to the Grade Related Descriptors in the Unit Outline to obtain a further understanding of how you will be assessed.