Ommunications, New, and old media reflective essay.

Dear Writer, please read all the instructions so you understand what is needed, but you are only suppose to to the third part of this assignment.
Also I will send you part one and two so you can understand what the beginning of the assignment was.

The assignment asks you to pay attention to the differences between how people use old (broadcast, analogue) media such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and books and how they use new (interactive, digital) media such as instant messaging, text messages, Facebook, and Twitter. We ask that you find situations where people are using both at the same time (e.g., sending text messages while watching television).

This assignment is in three parts. For the first part, you are the research subject. Observe (take notes about what you are actually doing) and reflect (ask yourself why you did those things, what you might have done differently) on your use of old and new media simultaneously.
This is somewhat like the a?reflective essaya? that you might be asked to write as part of a entrance exam for university
(see 253-observe.

The third part of this assignment is to write up a short essay using these notes as the basis of your essay. Your essay should be posted to your WordPress blog (which we created in Week Two), should be 750 to 1000 words long, in APA format and should include your two column notes (either typed out as an appendix within the blog post, or scanned and attached to the post as images, if you prefer). Include the word count at the end of the essay (the word count does not include the research notes).