Ommunications Theories: Standpoint Theory

An Essay for my chosen Theory for my Communication Theories class: StandPoint Theory. It basically consists of Reviewing the Articles we gathered.

I already have the Citations/References. I am uploading them with hyperlinks to each article to read and review. The paper is 7 pages, and it is 10 citations to go through, so make sure to make the review of each article wholly but at the same time compact.
As said,I have the total of 10 Citations which will be reviewed , and I am uploading them with their hyperlink. Review them and state how the standpoint theory is in effect for each article case.

The structure is simple:
1.Introduce the Theory/Define/Original Researchers. Add your thesis: The point of this essay is to see what is the Standpoint theory and many cases which takes place. Broad and simple.
2.Review the 10 Reference Articles. its a 9 page paper, so make sure to make space for all articles.
3.Critical Assessment of the Theory by other scholars. Book Recommended/we use in class: Communication Theories in Action: an introduction by Julia T. Wood

And thats it. If you have any questions let me know.