Ommunism and Society in Europe Before 1848

Write a five page interpretative essay, based on the texts from Engels and Marx (The Communist Manifesto). Use passages from the textbook and assigned readings to support your argument. Limit your views of Marx and Engels to the texts read for the course a try to avoid analyzing these texts in light of the Russian Revolution or the recent collapse of world communism. This is especially true of question 2, which you should limit to events during Marxas lifetime.

Your paper should address only one of the questions below.

1. . Based on what you know about European society before 1848, how are these social and conditions reflected in Engels and Marxs work? Document your arguments by quotes form the primary sources or from the textbook and other assigned articles.

2. Marx seems to have a blueprint for the future, which he confidently expects to occur. Where does he derive this sense of historical inevitability? Did things turn out the way Marx predicted? If so, why not?

3. You are a resident of Paris in 1848. You are given a pamphlet titled: Le manifest communiste (Communist manifesto). Analyze how you would react to this document if you were 1. An unemployed laborer; 2. A struggling shoemaker. 3. Manager of a knitting mill.

4. If you were alive in 1848 would you be a liberal, a conservative, a Chartist, a socialist or a communist (You might want to assign a social position or vocation to make your choice sensible)? Explain why you made the choice you did and what sort of policies would you embrace.