Ommunities of Practice and Knowledge Management

Research and write a 3-page Article Review on Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management and use the data or information you gather to develop an understanding of the topic(s). Apply the topic to your profession and area of work (I am an active duty member of the US Army; my area of work is Human Resource Management). Think of this as a requirement to develop a paper that you could present to your immediate superior(s) for their review and reading maybe something that would provide them additional information; let them know what and how you are doing in this class; provide some insights to operations in your area of expertise, etc.

The paper should include a section that requires your own analysis or conclusions in the final section and demonstrates your ability to critically assess the resources youi??ve selected and the topic that youi??ve presented.

If you cite Internet sources, please verify that they are active so I may review them. If they are no longer available, feel free to attach the electronic version for my review. If your citations include lengthy works, such as published texts, your work could be supported with 8 or more sources. If you only use Web sites, you probably need 16 or more (if they are only one or two pages) to present the topic completely as well as differing views regarding the conclusions or applications.

Write the paper using the THIRD person. Do not use first or second person pronouns in your narrative.

There must be at least ONE citation from EACH SOURCE listed in the bibliography. Quality sources may be cited more than once. Therefore, the number of citations will be in relation to the sources used. You must include the course TEXTBOOK and the style manual you use as references. The course textbook is i??Management Information Systems, Managing the Digital Firm by Kenneth C. Laudon & Jane P. Laudon, 13th Edition).i??

i?? Title Page (See Core Writing Requirements for a sample)
(Title of paper, your name and date, course name and number, semester and year.)
i?? Abstract (The summary of one page or less, single-spaced of your paper.)
i?? Statement of the topic and relevance or importance
i?? Key issues of this topic
i?? Application of the course material/concepts to your topic
(Be sure to make use of the lecture notes and discussion notes and the text.)
i?? Research on the topic from other sources, including the text
(This is the largest section of the paper that includes source citations.)
i?? Your conclusion(s)
(What youi??ve learned from this paper and the course in light of the key issues posted in week one along with any of your learning objectives.)
Where you state, provide your opinions they must be listed as such.
i?? Opinion: May be included but as a separate area.
i?? References