Ommunities of Practice: The Organizational Frontier-Etienne C. Wenger and William M. Snyder

Read the following article and write a 6-8 page analysis about it. Please keep in mind that the three most important parts of your paper are body content, application and critical evaluation (which are worth 25 points). Divide your paper as follow: title page, table of contents,introduction, body content, application, critical evaluation, conclusion, references.

1. The introduction should do to things:
a. Let the reader know if they want to read your paper. State what the reader should expect to find in the paper.
b. Make the reader want to read your paper.

2. The body:
a. Should detail the reasons why the author wrote the paper. The author wanted to teach the reader something. This part of your paper should highlight all of the key points that the author wished to make. Feel free to quote the author here. Remember to cite each reference.

Often, before the author can make his/her point, he/she need to take the reader on a journey through older research. In your paper, you should chronicle this journey.

3. What I learned / Application:
a. For this section tell me what you learned from reading this paper. What was new to you? How valuable was it for you to learn this new information.
b. As an alternative, you could write about how you could take the knowledge you learned from the reading of this paper and apply it to your workplace or life.

4. The evaluation:
a. This part of your paper should be a critical appraisal of the paper. Tell me if you thought the author did a good job in conveying his/her message. Give example(s) of something they said and why you thought it was so good or bad.

5. Conclusion:
a. If the introduction was one book-end this is the other book-end. Whereas the introduction foretells what is to come, the conclusion should summarize the key points of where the reader has just been.