Ommunity Action Plan with Tri-fold brochure and 5 slide powerpoint

Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Community Action Plan
(More new urbanism style shopping centers and walkways to promote healthy lifestyles).

Design a Community Action Plan to alleviate or correct a public health issue in your community. Your community can be your business, school, neighborhood, town, city or county. This idea should be realistic but, understandably, preliminary. Cite at least two references. These references can be from a newspaper, magazine/journal, or journalistic website. One reference must identify the public health problem in your community, which can be an example of a similar problem in a different community. The second reference must propose a solution to your problem, which again may be an example from a different community. Please post your idea and references in APA style by Thursday and comment on at least two other studentsa posts by Sunday night.

List of local players for the area:
(Add more if needed)
Key Players:
The Mayor of Wheat Ridge
Jerry DiTullio
(303) 235-2800

City Manager
Patrick Goff
(303) 235-2819

Wheat Ridge 2020 Staff
Britta Fisher
Executive Director

Denise Balkas
Director of Real Estate Development

Kim Snetzinger
Office Manager

Create a professional portfolio for your action plan that includes a written report, a slide presentation and a factsheet brochure (below). The written report should include your case study, with all four sections (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Cure, and Prevention). Detailed in the Cure section should be the main components of your Community Action Plan. After the Case Study, include an expanded outline of your Community Action Plan. Focus on key community members that you plan on contacting and why you have chosen them. Create a realistic timeline for your plan which includes campaigning and looking for funding, building, and implementation.

As additional artifacts for your portfolio, please create a PowerPoint slideshow describing the problem in your community and your Plan (5-sides minimum, not including title and reference slides). Also create a poster or brochure (1-2 sheets, or a double-sided bi-fold or tri-fold) about the problem and your Plan.