Ommunity Assessment and Care Planning in Medication Compliance

Assignment must explore up to date and relevant issues relating to assessment and care planning. Using a reflective model (ie Johns,see referencing)with assessment tool: Liverpool University Neuroleptic Side Effect Rating Scale(LUNCERS). Student intervention within the assessment and care planning process and why this assessment tool was used while out on placement with a Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT)team. Patient is a 43 year old woman with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia she lives with her family and is unimployed first contact with mental health services was 4 years ago when she had her first breakdown troubled that others could read her mind, became very anxious verbally agressive and paranoid about her inability to self-direct(avolition).Presenting problem was non-compliance of medication. Referral to CRHT was because although she was now stable on medication, there was a high risk of relapse and could benefit from support from the team. Patient was open and relaxed when student and mentor nurse visited.
The Harvard referencing system.
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Legal and ethical issues involved while doing the assessment and care planning e.g Mental health act, Confidentiality, Conflict of interest and Data protection act.This is a reflection but must link to academic references and litrature.