Ommunity Assessment and Project Planning

NURS 303 Caring in Communities
Community Assessment and Project Planning A Two Part Final Paper
Purpose: For community health/ public health nurses to develop the skills need in assessing the nature
of the community in order to:
? Develop a working knowledge of the community
? Identify the key needs and problems facing the community members
? Identify the strengths and resources of the community
? Develop realistic interventions to improve the health of the community and its people
? Utilize the standards outlined in Healthy People 2020. )
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:
? Utilize a community assessment and identify indicators of health
? Identify nursing and health-related research data in community health nursing practice
? Evaluate the health status of populations, determinants of health and risk factors impacting health
promotion, maintenance and delivery of health services
? Conceptualize a program or intervention to address the health needs of a community
This two step final assignment will seek to develop and build on your skills in the following ways:
Students will
? Implement an in-depth assessment of a community. (Windshield assessment)
? Identify your clientsi?? health problem or issue in a selected community (The client can be a
geographic, school or work place community)
? Determine what factors contribute to the cause of the problem
? Use collected data to propose a project that will offer interventions to improve the health of your
selected community
Your assignment will be to submit in two papers that capture:
a. assessment of the community
b. identification of the issue or problem that needs to be addressed
c. proposal for a project or program to address a health issue or need

Added on 18.03.2015 13:51
I would like to assess Brighton Beach Community at Brooklyn ,NY (I live and work here)