Ommunity Based Learning (CBL) Final Paper

I will attach a file for the clear instructions.
Remember to just follow the questions, as the professor only grades if you really follow the requirement.

For the Community based learning;

-I joined a non-profit organization called as Feed the Hungry”
-Located in Loyola Marymount University, outside the schools church.
-Meet up everyday tuesday afternoon from 11.30-1.15 to make sandwiches and distribute them to the poor, by going to homeless shelthers.
-The job is simple, to come at 11.30, meet up with the other volunteers, set up the tables to make the sandwich. Some volunteers help each other to make the sandwich, some volunteers help with the packaging (using White/brown paper bags), and also include a bottled water and some condiments along.
-The problem in this organization is that, since it is a small organization, there are no actual manager, and the Authoritiesonly comes and expects us volunteers to know everything. There were no job distribution, so that is why everyone is trying to help but sort of a mess, because the jobs are not actually distributed equally, so people are trying to fill up whatever is not done, very not effective and not efficient.

above are basically the experience for me working for the organization. Message me if you have any questions regarding my experience and wants to know more for the paper.

Use management theories for this paper, training, expectancy theory or whichever that suits the paper with my experience.

-Let me know which one will you do (there are options for the the paper)

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go to the last page, the essay prompt is given.

Let me know which one you are going to write about