Ommunity based project paper for community and social systems class

Discuss a community based project or program that you would like to develop. Describe the project to me as if you were trying to persuade me of the viability of it. Discuss how you could use the material in the Doherty articles (William J. Doherty) to help develop the project or program. a?a?
With Hannaas text in mind, identify key elements across therapy models that would be particularly relevant to your program.
Also, identify any relevant specifics from Chapter 9 and Appendix F.a?a?d.
Conduct an initial Needs assessmentto assess the need and desire for your program in your community. a?a?Explore ways that you might fund the program. You may discuss grants and other funding opportunities that youve discovered from this course.
Text book: S.M. Hanna(2007) The Practice of Family Therapy: Key Elements Across Models. Fourth Edition.
Doherty articles:
1. Families and Therapists as Citizens(The Families and Democracy Project
2.The Families and Democracy Project
3. The Citizen Therapist and the Civic Renewal Movement
4. Family Therapists, Community and Civic Renewal
5. The Citizen Therapist and Family-Centered Community Building: Introduction to a New Section of the Journal
Length: 10-12 pages. APA. Works cited page. Title page not included. Double spaced. 12 point font. Times new roman
I am currently deployed to Iraq. Please email me. Do not call.
Would like the program to be a program designed to help women of domestic violence in the african american community.