Ommunity Care for those with a mental health disability

Summative assessment will be based on a 2,000 word essay of a selected area of health and wlfare provision (I have chosen Community Care for those with a mental health disablility).

a) the development of the area of provision 30% of mark)

b) current organizational issues in the area of provision (70% of mark)

Students will be assessed on their ability to collect, select, analyse and present information and arguments about the context, development and organisation of a specific area of provision. Students will be expected to discuss influences on development and current provision, organisation, legislation and policy, and critical debates associated with the area of provision. They will draw on library-based information, national and local documents and relevant experience.

Could I have approx 200 word intro, historical development to start with 1800s, and include Voluntary Organisations, Lassez faire. Go onto Beveridge up to present 1990 community care act. Is it good enough? Are the people with mental health disabilities being supported?

Have I given you the info that you require? Could you email me and let me know. Ive never used one of these websites before and this is my first essay so Im not very familiar with the system. Sorry if i havent been very discriptive.

Havard. Is this what you want in this section. Also I dont know what you mean my number of sources.