Ommunity cohesion: Interculturalism and Multiculturalism, Compare and contrast

This is a Report Please,
The Module is all about Community Cohesion, and how the media looks at it.
The Title is: Has multiculturalism Expired? Is Interculturalism the way now? To compare and contrast.
Please talk about the 2 and because this is a report it can have diagrams too and statistics.

Report form that introduces and analyses the main ideas, themes and theories. Makes conclusions and recommendations.
This should cover the importance of community cohesion to modern culture
The main Body of the report
a? Introduction of theory Multi culturalism
a? Compare and contrast British and French model
a? Community cohesion and the Cantle reports
a? Main themes from the report. IE Parallel lives
a? Describe and analyse Interculturalism this theory
a? How it has evolved
a? Pressures of globalisation
a? Pressures of migration
a? Influence of the press
a? Current problems
Multi culturalism has been the main British theory and policy
a? Arguments for and against
a? For: Being British but also retraining original cultural identity. Better and more inclusive than the French model that does not recognise different identities
Arguments against Multi culturalism
a? Prevents integration
a? Encourages isolation from mainstream
a? Allows Parallel lives to continue
a? Camerons big speech that repudiated this theory and practice
a? Analyse this Why?
*Developing theory: Interculturalism
a? Theory that recognises impact of globalisation and mass migration
a? Encourages communication
a? Dialogue
a? Analyse this
*What happens if community cohesion is prevented, denied, apposed
a? Discrimination
a? Racism
a? Community Tension
a? Community conflict and violence
a? Murder Stephen Laurence as an example
a? In the extreme Genocide
a? Report conclusions and Recommendations
a? British Future report. Britishfutures
a? Use this throughout the report but also use the report in the recommendations
a? Suggested recommendations
a? Building a modern British Identity
a? Inclusive citizenship
a? Promoting Integration
a? Understanding of the benefits of integration