Ommunity development and conflict resolution

Assignment Brief
Community development and conflict resolution

1. Overview and analysis of topic (1,000 words approx)
This section will provide an outline of the topic that will be addressed in the facilitation session. The section will also draw on relevant theory to support the analysis of the topic.
Issues to Consider:
a? What is your topic about?
a? Who are the key / relevant theorists that could provide an insight into the topic?
a? In what way does your topic link to community development in practice?

2. Outline of facilitation plan (1,000 words approx)
Students are expected to develop a step-by-step detailed plan (including time plan) that will outline their approach to the facilitation exercise in class.
Issues to consider:
a? What principles will inform your approach and why?
a? Is there a particular facilitation style that will be used?
a? What are the objectives?
a? What are the intended outcomes?
a? What is the activity that will be undertaken by the group?
a? How do you intend to introduce the activity to the group?
a? Are there any specific roles that group members will be expected to take on?
a? Can you anticipate any challenges that could arise in relation to your facilitation session?