Ommunity Engagement Assignment Earth carePackaging”

This assignment is to fulfill the requirements for the Community Engagement Activities. As stated in the syllabus, points are given for participation in approved community engagement activities and preparing a journal of those activities. Community engagement activities include those organized or approved by Indiana State University, as well as other such activities the instructor feels fits the spirit of the ISU definition of community engagement and is appropriate to the content of this course. If unsure of what is appropriate, please contact the instructor for clarification.

You may begin this assignment at any time during the term, but it must be completed by the deadline. You should submit your journal as a Word document attachment to the Discussion Board for this assignment. Please read and comment on the postings of your peers for this assignment. You may learn of many exciting activities that you can do in the future. For this assignment, you should spend at least ten hours performing your community engagement activity. This can be done in one day, or broken up into several segments. Your journal is to provide a clear picture of: 1. What you did for this activity, 2. Who, or what organization did you perform this activity for, 3. How your activity related to the emphasis of this course, specifically ethics and social responsibility as they relate to environmental issues, if possible, and 4. Your feelings about doing this activity and whether it causes you to want to continue to perform such activities in the future. This assignment is to be completed and posted to the Discussion Board by 4:00 p.m. Thursday before Finals week.