Ommunity Health Action and Health Development

1)what is community work, community health action (CHA) and community development (CD)
2)Using the case study identify the characteristics/concepts and values of CHA.
3)How does CHA promote health humanisum v positivism
4)How does CHA promote health, social constructionism
5)Social Capital, community Cohesion. Current UK policy context
6)Degrees of involvement. Pragmatics/differances/mapping
7)Culteral context and ethics of CHA implications for pratice.
8)A frame work for community development. Comparing community health action with other approaches to Health Promotion
9)Identify how the community health action relates to a social constructionist epistemology and hoe that differs from the positive account
10) identify current and emerging issues in CHA
please use Arnsteins (1969) ladder of involvment
harvard system
Promoting Health of Communities Haggart M(2002)
Promoting the Health of Communities, Gillies P (2002)
Medicine, Health and Risk. Gabe J, (1995)
Empowerment in Community Care. Jacu R, (1995)

faxed copy of case study and the ladder of participation