Ommunity Health Assessment/PowerPoint Project

Community Health Assessments PowerPoint Project

The purpose of this project is, First to develop a presentation that will provide the a?basicsa? of community health assessment and its purpose and utility in improving community health. Essentially, you want to convince the target audience that community health assessments are a powerful tool for community health improvement.

The presentation should cover the following areas:

1. What is community health assessment?
2. What is the focus of the proposed community health assessment and why is it important to the target audience?
3. How would the community health assessment be conducted (methodology)?
4. What resources would be needed to conduct the community health assessment and where would they be obtained?
5. Why should we conduct a community health assessment (your a?sales pitcha?)? (This will be directly targeted to your audience.)

The presentation will need speaker notes (in the section reserved for these below the slides in PPT) and they should read exactly as you would speak if you were presenting a essentially a transcript of the presentation.

The final step of the project is for you to reflect on the process of creating the presentation (as a Word document separate from the presentation). Did you encounter any difficulties in creating the presentation? Were you able to locate the necessary data sources to support the presentation? Do you feel confident that you could give this presentation and successfully gain support for the proposed community health assessment? Why or why not?