Ommunity Health Education Intervention/?

1. The Community Health Education Intervention: Each learner will identify a specific health education-related problem in his or her own community or workplace. The learner will determine the knowledge and/or skills deficiency related to the problem, research the extent of the problem, examine the literature related to the problem, and design an innovative educational intervention to resolve the problem. Learners will include a review of pertinent theoretical approaches and models of health promotion as well as a description of creative applications of the theory or model. Learners will also formulate an evaluative strategy to assess the effectiveness of the intervention.

Note: A maximum of 12 pages for this paper, including abstract page.

Criteria for evaluation: 100 points total
1. Mechanics and organization (15 points)
a. Abstract included.
b. Clarity in the paperas organization, introduction and summary present.
c. Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph construction.
d. APA format followed, with the majority of current references (two years or less).
e. The paper must adhere to form and style requirements.
f. Twelve page maximum.
g. Paper submitted on time.
2. Core Content (85 points)
a. Health education-related problem clearly identified.
b. Health education or promotion program identified and discussed.
c. Gaps in the health education or promotion program at the agency are identified: what are the gaps, who are the stakeholders of the program, how can the gaps best be filled?
d. Pertinent theoretical approaches and models of health promotions are incorporated in the development of an intervention addressing the health education problem.
e. An evaluative strategy to assess the effectiveness of the intervention is presented.

I left the topic to your picking as long as follows the guildeline listed, I also List 10 source but again whatever it takes for you to get info, the assignment did not specify amt of sources.