Ommunity Health: Health Promotion or Health Education Intervention

Project should:

a? Identify a health issue in your current or hometown community. (Please use either of the following towns: Brookline, MA a

a? Detail a health promotion or health education intervention that will improve the issues identified (utilizing evidence based interventions) Use references. (Please feel free to use any health promotion or health education intervention that would be simplest to you.)

a? Describe the steps you would undertake to define, assess and develop the intervention.

a? Identify how you would evaluate the success of the intervention.

Grading criteria:

Identifies the health issue and the community:

Provides a concise overview and description of the project 5
Has clearly identified the health issue and community 10
Has used data to quantify community issue/problem 10

Defines health promotion/health education Intervention:

Has used evidence based heath promotion/health education intervention 10
Has identified desired outcome for the intervention 10
Has clearly identified the goals, objectives, and activities 10

Describes the steps to implement intervention:

Has identified the steps clearly 15

Identify how you would evaluate success of intervention:

Has defined data fields for evaluation 5
Format and page limit 5
Resources and References 5
Overall Presentation 15