Ommunity Health nursing teaching and assessment

The writer must know Long Island, NY and very familiar with community nursing, geriatrics, and tele-health devices. Below is the specific components of the assignment paper:

The community I have chosen is Long Island NY veterans utilizing home care through Veteran Affairs. This population is mostly geriatrics with chronic health problems and confined to the home either due to health problems or lack of transportation. The paper will be a teaching plan to improve their health conditions via home care skilled nursing and tele-health monitoring devices.

The textbook we are using and making references to is:
Clark, M. J. (2008). Community health nursing: Advocacy for population health (5th ed.)

a) Identify community to be looked at and the setting focus
b) Population a Geriatric veterans
c) Statistics to support existing health problem or challenge
d) Community Health Nursing Model that will be applied throughout the project
(see pp. 69-81 of the Clark text)
e) Community Health Nurse role of the home based care RN

II. Community Overview:
a) Brief history of the community, setting focus
b) Demographics: total population; break down by gender and age
c) Education, % grad. High school, drop out rate, % grad. College
d) Ethnicity
e) Poverty level, unemployment rates
f) Employers? Where do people work? Must they commute to work?
g) Type of government, i.e. town or city
h) Safety i.e. fire, police, ambulance
i) Hospitals
j) Recreation
k) Media
Letters b, c, d, e should all be in table format and all must be compared with local state
yourself WHY does the Community Health Nurse need to know this information? How
can you use it? Begin to make some inferences toward the Community Health Nurse
role here.

III. Epidemiology of the health problem (see pp. 62-66 of the Clark text): in this
section integrate the economic, social, cultural, political, ethical, media, psycho-social,
environmental issues which contribute to the health problem. Bring in Healthy People 2020
objectives relevant to your topic here also. Look at what is modifiable and non-modifiable. Use relevant community parameters like vital statistics, focusing on morbidity, mortality, birth and/or death rates, incidence/prevalence, population groups, percent of population in age or racial/ethnic groups, poverty rates, etc depending on your chosen problem/topic.

IV. Population aggregate AND developmental stage: (describe Erik Eriksonas
psychosocial developmental stage for your aggregate and explain how your problem
interferes with the normal completion of the developmental stage). How does this influence the populationas health? How may Community Health Nurses use this information?

V. Political, Cultural, Economic Issues: look at laws on a national, state and local
level, funding appropriated for research, role of the media as it relates to your problem, etc.

VI. Community Diagnosis (potential or real), (like Nursing Diagnosis, but
Community related).

VIII. Community Health Nursing Role
b) Ideal Nursing Role: Use your Community Health Nursing Model in this
section and create an ideal role breaking it down into primary, secondary and
tertiary prevention. Give some specific interventions here.

IX. Summary/Conclusion

X. References/Appendices/APA Style