Ommunity of the deaf and hard of hearing

this plunge project is for a Cultural diversity in the class roomCourse, Im not sure how to outline it but i will give some things that i have been thinking of, kind of brain storming and feel free to add or skip any of them.( Definitions of deafness, hard of hearing and deafness community or culture/ The different sign languages and how they differ from hearing people spoken languages : in gestures, paralanguege and how long it would convey meaning/ i saw couple youtube videos on how they train police officers, military people and government workers to deal with deaf impairment people If you feel like mentioning it under governmental accommodations/ deaf people in international communities other than the US/ the deaf communities in the middle east/ Cross cultural communication with the deaf and hard of hearing/ why should the society acknowledge this silent community or culture?theses are the stuff that i have been thinking of feel free to change or add on them, this course is under education department. Thank you