Ommunity oriented and problem oriented policing

a? community oriented and problem oriented policinga? as one of the police supervisors responsibilities, as community partnership and problem solving. It should include adoption of the community oriented policing, problem solving tactics and methods, police and citizens benefits and etc.
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Teachers request!!!!!Your-paper will be typed using a 10 or 12 point New Times-Roman Font. It is to be double-spaced. Your paper will
be six pages double space in length, this means full pages not partial pages (this length does not
include the title page, the work citedpage or the material directly cited from your sources). Margins will be one
inch on the sides, top and bottom. Margins must be set by you as the default setting in Word is different than this
paper requires. You will have five separate references and each will be cited a minimum of one time within your
paper. Failure to cite you references in your paper will result in a 0 for the paper.
Each cite will be in quotation makes with a number-following it. For example This is how it must look(1). No
other method of citing is acceptable. Each time you place a cite within your paper it will get a new number.
Numbers must be in sequence.
A work cited page will be prepared and will list the following information; for books, magazines and newspaper
articles you will have the Title, Author, Publisher, Date Published and Page number where the information came
from. For Internet you will have the complete Internet address and the date you found the material on the Internet.
Each time you cite a reference a new number will be used.
Work Cited Page
1. a?Juvenile Delinquencya?, Peter Kratcoski, Prentice Hall, 4th Edition, 1996, Page 472
2. Internet: Dec 19, 2006