Ommunity Parks and recreation center grant proposal

I am a parks and recreation student and I need to do the following:

Submit an actual Recreation Grant application for a community Parks and recreation Center. (not actually to be submitted just filled locate a grant, fill out application and submit as assignment)

grant money to be used for purchasing a Tot Lot play structure to be added to an existing community park. The purpose of this assignment-is to have you locate a recreation grant source (web search); determine if your agency is eligible for the grant; and fill out a grant application.

NOTE: Be sure your agency meets all of the eligibility requirements for the grant you are applying for, or no points will be given.

AgencyCommunity Parks and recreation center

You MUST include all of the following information:

-The complete grant guidelines, eligibility guidelines, criteria or limitations;
-Completed grant application (you may skip information such as: last year budget, copy of non-profit certificate, list of Board of Directors, and previous years annual report); and
-A complete reference list in APA format.