Ommunity Policing: Benefits and Challenges

Community policing has become the new paradigm within law enforcement. Simultaneously ambitious and ambiguous, the concept of community policing promises to radically change the relationship between the police and the public by addressing underlying community problems and by improving the living conditions of neighborhoods by better crime control tactics. However, community policing means different things to different people. Many perspectives on community policing exist, and each is built on assumptions only partially supported by empirical evidence.
For this paper, locate at least 3 journal articles using the ProQuest journal database. The articles must be from professional, peer-reviewed journals. Identify and describe at least 5 goals of community policing. Describe the benefits of community policing and also describe problems that may emerge when an agency starts to shift from traditional policing to community policing practices. The paper must be 5-7 doubled spaced pages in length.