Ommunity Problems & Solutions Argument paper

Describe a problem in your community and argue for a viable solution. The problem must be one in which you have either personal experience or a compelling interest beyond that of other people. Your solution must be realistic and reasonable, and you must anticipate and respond to your opposition.

(Note: In your paper, you must show your personal experience or interest in your topic or you will lose points. This could prevent you from making an Ain the course.)

Remember, the research paper is 2800 words (approximately ten pages). It must contain ten sources. You must document your sources using the style of the Modern Language Association.

Tip #1: This is the centerpiece assignment for Advanced Composition. It is worth the most points, and it is the assignment that can mean the most to you in terms of what you can learn about writing and research. My first tip, then, is that you write about a topic that truly means something in your life. For example, I have had many students who simply write about problems they encounter choosing a major in college or choosing a profession once they graduate. Certainly, this is not some earth-shattering topic, but it is a topic that really allows students to investigate information and reflect upon something that has value in their lives. I want you to make sure your assignment is real and viable.

Tip #2: As you mull over your topic for this assignment, consider first those problems you currently encounter in your life. Is there something around campus you can write about? Is there an issue in your family that could use some research and reflection? The point is to narrow your topic to an issue that you can write about with authority and interest. I have had students write about everything from bad roads in their cities to depression in their family to determining which city they wanted to live in after they graduate.

**If it matters, this a course in Oklahoma though from the sounds of it it could be much more broad or narrow as needed.