Ommunity Profile (demography) Brisbane City Inner

Brisbane Inner City Community Profile

The project should be presented in a written report of approximately 10 A4 pages.

This will bedependent upon the number and size of figures.
The main focus of this report is on the DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS of the community and their implications. Information on features such as location, history, physical geography, economic or other aspects can be introduced by way of background (e.g. to provide a more fully rounded,picture), to assist explanation of demographic phenomena, etc, where relevant, but must not become the dominant focus. Students are encouraged to use academic sources to assist in explaining the demographic characteristics observed.

The project should be based on analysis of secondary data sources available in printed or on-line publications: field-work involving collection of primary data is not required.

Format of Community Profile:
Ypu are free to choose how they set out their community profile but the report is intended to be in the form of a resource document, similar to those produced by local councils, RATHER THAN AN ESSAY. It should include a balance of tables, graphics and interpretive text. Tables should generally take the form of extracts or syntheses of originals  not simple reproduction of ABS tables from Census community profiles. It is important that tabular and graphic data be accompanied by someform of commentary. Stand-alone tables, isolated graphics, etc. are of minimal value. You need totell the reader what they should be reading and understanding.

Particular attention should be given to the
use of graphics, e.g. population pyramids, and standard demographic measures and techniques
discussed in the course to illustrate demographic features of the community.

Data Sources
ABS Census data
” Community Profiles
” Selected Family and Labour Force Characteristics for SLAs Queensland 2017.3
” Selected Characteristics for Urban Centres and Localities Queensland 2016.3
” Social Atlas of Queensland 2030.3
” CLIB96  only available in the SS&H library
ABS other data
” Demography Queensland 3311.3 (Table 1.2)
” Population Queensland 3234.3
” Population by Age and Sex Queensland 3235.3
ABS other resources  classifications etc
” Australian Standard Geographical Classification 1216.0
” Catalogue of publications 1101.0

P/S: Dont do it in a form of essay do it in a form of resourcer documents.

i want you to include

1. Introduction about Brisbane city inner
2. Population characteristics (Size and Growth) compare 1996, 2001 and 2006
3. Population Composition (ill send you the data and you can interpret form this data)
4. Household family type (ill provide the data)
5. fertility, mortality and migration 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
6. Migration Rates, Age migration and NET MIgration
7. Socio economic characteristics 1. income levels, education levels, ethnicity, indegenious and citizenship
8. Conclusion

interpret all the tables and figures