Essay 3: What is community resilience?
Give your definition of community resilience, using examples that you or other students researched for the Diamond Head Scenic Byways project, and/or examples from the list of a?Resilient community real world examplesa? (posted on Laulima). If you want, you can incorporate some of the different thinking patterns or skills (the mindsets or 16 Habits of Mind) into your definition (but you are not required to do so). For this paper, you are required to refer to at least two sources; these sources should come from the research that you or other students conducted for the Diamond Head Scenic Byways project, and/or should be sources that were assigned in class. 3 pages or more

What Iam looking for:
Clear ideas and writing, organized in a standard essay format.

A clear, specific thesis (or main idea) that gives your definition of community resilience and brings your paper together into a unified piece of writing.

Each body paragraph should begin with a clear point that connects the paragraph to the thesis, and contain a detailed example or specific quote from research or a source. It should be clearly explained how that example supports your definition of community resilience. Remember to use quotation sandwiches for all quotes.

A compelling introduction and conclusion.

Since you are citing sources, you will need a Works Cited page. Format your paper according to MLA guidelines (page 130-133 of The Little Seagull Handbook, or use the a?essay template MLAa? document posted on Laulima).

Things to remember
Write for an audience who is not in our class. Include any background information on ideas from sources you are citing that the reader would need in order to understand your paper.

Take the time to proofread after youave written your essay. Think about the kinds of mistakes you know you tend to make (for example, the spelling of words that sound the same) and watch out for those.

3 (or more) complete, typed and double spaced pages, with 1-inch margins, in a standard 12 point font (like Times or Arial), with MLA style formatting and citations, and essay formatting (a creative title, an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs with points, a conclusion, and Works Cited page if necessary)