Ommunity service work journal/ political science

You are required to keep a journal/notes of your observations/reflections throughout (before,
during, and after) the community service learning project, which might include: ideas about what
youare doing; how youare doing it; the skills required to engage in and promoted by this activity;
what youare learning about politics and the political process (for example, individual political
behavior, individual attitudes toward politics, the role of organizations, the nature of political
processes, the impact of public policies), etc. You may also reflect each day you work by making
observations about the organization, the nature of your work, the people you are helping and
about broader issues like poverty, race, gender, sexual orientation, family, community, the role
of government in providing these services that you are observing.
You should write a minimum of 1/3 of a page per hour worked (single spaced, typed or
handwritten) for a total of 4 pages for the 12 hours worked.

The file is example for you to see from my friends journal in the same class.
i worked 12h in Child Development center at 21250 steven creek boulevard cupertino CA 95014 at De anza college, mostly everyday in there i play with children, read book, food serving, cleaning(helping cleaning up toy, paint, after each section of class time), and watch how teacher teach the children, the children are 4 years old.