Ommunity Sports Development Proposal Case Study (1500 words)

Assessment Information

You are a Sports Development Officer for the London Borough of Newham. You are required to plan a sports development project that would meet the needs of the local community within one of the wards/neighbourhood areas within the Borough.

Using the statistics available at the web-sites listed below, you are required to produce a report, which provides the following:
” A review of the main characteristics of your chosen community, along with an analysis of the key issues faced by them in relation to participation in sport/fitness-based activity;
” An outline of your project, including a discussion of how the activities identified would deal with the issues raised above;
” An outline plan of how you would go about putting your project into action, providing an explanation for your actions.
” To achieve a high grade you should be making use of an absolute minimum of 10 academically referenced sources, with particular emphasis on reports and journals (not including web-sites below)
” See the Grading Criteria sheet below for more guidance on areas you should focus on in your work.

Web-sites to use;

Guidelines on Presentation/Format

All work submitted should be;
” On white A4 paper
” Double-line spaced
” In a minimum of 12-point font
” With a 2.5 centimetre border left around the page
” Correctly referenced (Harvard Style  see section in Programme Handbook)