Ommunity sports projects and effective community empowerment: a case study in Rochdale

Assignment Two: Reading Research
The aim of the second assignment task is to check that you have developed skills in reading research papers, and that you understand key research terminology. Here are some key points to think about when writing your assignment.

i?? You are required to write review i?? one for each of the a journal article.
i?? Please use the title of the article as the heading for each review.
i?? Each review should be 500 words +/10%, so you will be required to write 2000 words +/10%
i?? You can use the template which we have been using in class in order to identify the different aspects of the article (research problem, results etc).
i?? See Guidance on Completing Template for some notes on how to complete the template.
i?? You should NOT simply fill in the template. Your writing should be in full sentences and paragraphs. It is not necessary to use sub-headings in this assignment.
i?? The authorsi?? research questions have not been included in the articles. If you are confident about composing research questions, then do so. If not, it would be better not to try.
i?? You are not required to include references in your reviews. However, it may be appropriate sometimes to cite very short phrases i?? if you do so, make sure you put them in quotation marks and provide the page number in brackets after the direct quote, so that your work is not plagiarised. Do not copy chunks of text from the articles.
i?? You are expected to demonstrate your understanding of the research terminology used in the template and discussed in class.
i?? You should make sure that you have thoroughly proofread your work before submitting it.