Ommunity Study Presentation POWERPOINT

I am leaving the community totally up to you! Perhaps you have read a journal or book recently, please feel free to use whatever is easiest to you.

Yes, just three slides for the entire presentation. We have to move through many presentations, and just want you to briefly talk about the elements (mainly methodology) of the article/study. If you need to delete something from the slides, you can delete the stated goals.

Prepare a presentation based on ANY community study of your choice. You can even use any of the studies referred to in the textbook. But your presentation must be based on ONE reference (either a book or a journal article) which you actually read. It can be based on a book or a journal article. For example, find an example of qualitative research strategies in any major community-related journals: (single-case study, multiple case study, ethnography, focus group). Briefly describe the research technique then critique the research method using whatever criteria you feel are appropriate and/or using what we learned in class about the different research methods,

Prepare a presentation in powerpoint
Submit to me a file of your Powerpoint presentation which you will present in Wimba on June 18.
Submit to me the Monday before the presentation in Wimba.

Your presentation slides must contain the following items

a. Title of study (please include a complete citation on the cover page)
b. Background of the study
c. Stated goal(s) of study
d. Method(s)
e. The  significance of study
f. YOUR view of the overall validity of the study to our understanding of community in the twenty-first century.

Include a complete citation to your article.

Submit your presentation file here so I can upload the file to the Wimba classroom for you to present.

Your file name should follow the following format: LASTNAME_ComStudyPres