Ommuntiy case study( social work subject)

With a focus on social work knowledge and skills geared toward client change and the values that assist in discerning one professional approach from another, select two Case studies to demonstrate your emerging (social work) analysis skills and integration of theory to practice.

The case study needs to be Community work.
You are to demonstrate your ability to compare and contrast two case studies while on placement:

1. Where processes of change reached an impasse.
2. Case study where change strategies were accomplished.

You are to demonstrate your ability to evaluate what change interventions are/where possible in the case study and where change processes reached an impasse and justify on reflection your preferred course of action. Irrespective of whether the case study selected involves clients from Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds a section of the paper must be devoted to evaluating the theoretical approaches that would be appropriate to your chosen course of action in these contexts.

You are to begin this analysis using the relevant Australian Association Social Workers Practice standards as a guide.

Case study Placement to be community based using Mercy Family Services-Multi cultural program (Brisbane or Logan area). (At Mercy Family Services, we carry out a range of multicultural programs for refugees and migrant families in the Brisbane/Logan area au
Case study to be school holiday program for children age 5-12 years, of families of refugees and migrants from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan. One where the holiday program met an impasse and one case study where change strategies were accomplished.
Please use Strengths Perspective, Developmental theories, Attachment theory, Anti-oppression theory and Systems theory in the case study.

The written assessment is to be presented in a Case Study format.
Out come assessed:
a? Evaluate professional social work theories and critique their application to different practice contexts at a field placement.
a? Analyse issues of professional power using social work ethics and values.
a? Critique their own application of cross-cultural competencies.
a? Evaluate the implementation of use of self and self care strategies within the placement context
a? Determine the elements of a personal professional practice framework
Please use at least 6 references from Australia