Omp 1 Enviromental concerns of overpopulation

Here it is! The Environmental Essay Plan!
(You should copy and paste this into a Word Document and fill in all sections as best you can.
Be sure you are copying paragraph areas I. through V.)
I. Introductory Paragraph- Overall comments on our world and the many crisis issues we must face?
*Any expert overall quote on our world in crisis, nothing specific yet-just overall comment?

** Then the Thesis State your Environmental Topic and stress that its a major crisis and finally experts are suggesting ways to lessen this crisis!

II. Topic Sentence (TS) What is your environmental crisis and then set the stagea¬¶ What are the experts saying about where we are with this crisis now? ** How intense is this crisis right now? Details…

A. Expert quote/ statistic? (fully quote here and document for best planning!)

B. Expert quote? (Make sure these quotes support and answer the questions above. Dont use only one expert in each paragraph. Use two different experts in each middle paragraph)

C. A third Expert quote, if needed?
III. TS How major or disastrous could it be in the Future? (Honestly, this is the most dramatic paragraph in your paper! Have your experts answer… What are the possible major effects? What do the experts say? Any Numbers/ Statistics?
A. Expert quote/ Expert statistic? (Again, fully quote and document name and page in all A. B. and C. sections so plan is complete)

B. Another Expert quote-

C. Expert quote, if a third is needed?

IV. TS- Finally, what do the experts say we can do to lessen this crisis? What do they say we can do to make our world better before the possible worst hits us?

A. Expert quote- (Again, fully quote and document names)

B. Expert quote–

C. Expert quote, again, if third is need for full support?

V. Conclusion- as usual, write about 6 to 7 concluding sentences, like in your Introduction. You may quote an expert, if he or she gives some overall concluding idea, if you want to.

The Environmental Research Paper Plan

After you write your rough draft of the 5 paragraph research paper, read through this Checklist, making sure you have completed and read through and reviewed all of the main points I will be checking when I grade.
My advice is to print this Checklist and literally check off each item, making sure its all done. This way you have the best shot for a good grade!
(Honestly, this is the best way for me to share with you exactly what I will be looking for and evaluating when I grade your paper.)
I call it… The 8 Point Checklist:
1. After you have written all five paragraphs, check the length of the paragraphs. Balance them as stated below!
-Make sure that the intro. paragraph and the conclusion paragraph are about 6 to 7 sentences long.
-Then, make sure that the middle, developmental paragraphs are more than twice as long or more as the intro. paragraph. Balance the middle paragraphs. They should be about the same length-12 to 15+ sentences.
2. Next… Done all MLA format stuff?
Have a heading, top left; then give it a Title; finally, make sure that everything is double spaced, and the quotes are documented correctly! Follow all Lessons 1-5 in Its About MLAsection in BB for your essay and your Works Cited!
3. In the introductory paragraph, make sure that you have a clear THESIS statement towards the end of the paragraph. (You may have an overall, expert quote in the intro., but dont let it be too specific, just an overall comment on our earth/ or the global environment in crisis ) See the Discussion Board for introductory paragraphs. Theres some useful advice there!
4. As always… Check to make sure that all of the middle paragraphs have a clear Topic Sentence at the beginning, simply stating the main point to be developed. See those Key Ideas in those questions in TS areas of Plan… stress these key words in each beginning middle paragraph… II. Now, III. Future, and IV. Ways to Lessen Crisis!
5. Count the quotes in the paper! You must have 7 to 10 expert quotes in the entire paper. The most important areas for quotes are, of course, the middle paragraphs.
6. Count the experts! You must list on Works Cited and use 5 different experts in the paper, no more than 6!
You must then list them properly, as instructed, in a Works Cited at the end of your paper.
(Make sure you vary the experts in your paper. And make sure experts come from at least two different research areas: your textbook , Texshare, or The New York Times and perhaps even the site.) ** Honestly, the Diamond essay in your text focuses on all of these issues in some way. He might be good to use in the intro. or conclusion… just a suggestion.
7. Do not write in 2nd person You. Write in a more objective person. This paper is not a personal 1st person, meaning dont use I thinkor my opinion is….
I will allow We,meaning we are citizens of the world, but not I,meaning only you. This is a pure research, mostly objective paper.
8. Proofread the paper carefully! Avoid Comma Splices, Run ons, and Fragment mistakes. Also, carefully run Spell Check.
** When you have finished this Checklist and made the corrections, then your paper is probably finished and ready to send.

Read Jared Diamonds essay The Last Americanson p. 362
This essay by Jared Diamond is challenging to read, but it is excellent. Jared Diamond is the bestselling writer of the book Germs, Guns, and Steel, continuing to chronicle significant earth changing events.

Now read Fraziers essay Terminal Iceon p. 408
Heres another article on climate change by Al Gore. (Hes been in the spotlight lately and in not a good way, but the article here is good and supports Fraziers ideas.)

List of Some World Environmental Crisis Issues
Here are some Environmental Crisis Issues for your Texshare and bowermaster web research. These issues were mentioned in the Diamond and Frazier essays, so well just continue reading and researching in these areas.
** Choose the one environmental issue you want to research for the Mini Research Paper:
1. Overpopulation of our world
2. Global Warming
3. A Global disease (limit to one of these diseases), maybe a specific focus on the AIDS crisis, tuberculosis, polio, or malaria, especially in other countries/ continents (note the number of diseases here that are making an appearance again after being considerably lessened for decades)
4. Deforestation/ Erosion of our land (another major issue discussed by Jared Diamond in his essay)
** We will use essays from our text, from the NY Times and/or, and finally from the Texshare, online library databases, site in this next major research paper.
When you research in Texshare, Academic Search Complete, its best to limit your Full Textsearch to magazines, not newspapers or academic journals. Lets keep this research to easier, readable magazine articles.

Here are recent commentaries/ articles from The New York Times
Right click on some of the articles below and pull up in new window. These will help most of you find good expert articles!
(You will list these on a Works Cited following MLA Lesson 4 for Web articles)
1. Everyone should read