Ompanies should always use the Big Five model of personality to screen applicants because of its clear link with performance. Discuss!

1) Introduction

Introduce the essay: set expectations for the reader
eg. This essay will consider the five factor model of personality and how it can be applied to understanding employee performance

Set up the stance and establish the i??golden threadi??
i?? Each section of the essay must address the core argument concerning personality and performance
Next, introduce some key points that demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concept
i?? The five factor model of personality (Costa & McCrae, 1992)
i?? Theories that help to explain how personality influences
i?? Overview points only, the detail will follow!

2) Presenting the main argument (examples)
i?? Introduce the idea that personality is relevant to placing employees into roles, and the expectation that person-job fit will increase employee performance
i?? Expand on your introduction to the FFM and make some comments about the nature of personality
i?? Discuss the five factors in relation to employee fit and performance
i?? Use theory to explain how personality functions (e.g. trait activation
theory, Tett & Burnett, 2003)
i?? Overall, make the arguments relevant to the application of the five factor model to the employee selection, and demonstrate critical thinking about theoretical and empirical research

3)Building a counter argument

i?? The counter argument does not need to say that the FFM does not work, rather the model needs theory to explain functioning, and requires an in-depth consideration of how to understand personality in the workplace
i?? At the individual level, employees can develop strategies for managing their personality at work
i?? Critical analysis will reveal that employee selection needs to consider more than personality i?? other factors are important too
i?? Again, show critical analysis of these arguments and supporting research

4) Conclusion
i?? The concluding paragraph must build on the arguments without introducing significant, new points
i?? You doni??t need to wait to reveal your conclusion, the main points can be in your introductory paragraph
i?? The conclusion for this essay will bring together key points of your arguments,
i?? The FFM has utility and can be applied to some aspects of selection
i?? Additional theories explain how personality functions i?? Together, models contribute to managerial strategies

no bibliography needed, just short in-text references, as this paper will be just a study help in preparation for an essay based OB exam